Year 3 get creative!

After taking inspiration from some of the work of Bradford born artist David Hockney, Year 3 have been using the technique of photo layering to create abstract portraits of their classmates.

They had to take lots of different photographs of each other, from different distances and of different parts of the body, in order to get all the images they needed to create a full portrait. Once this was done, they had to become editors and choose which photos they wanted to use before they were printed, as they were only allowed to use 12, and some of them had taken over 40!

The final step was to layer them on the paper in the most effective order. This took real teamwork as they had to take into account everyone’s different creative opinions, but they eventually managed to create the portraits.

Mr Sadler and Miss Lang were so impressed; the children were incredibly proud of what they had created too.

Year 4 Design Technology

As part of their Design Technology topic, Year 4 made wind-up cars. The children were given a design brief, which asked them to design and make a toy car that had a wind-up mechanism and could travel at least 1 metre in distance. Although the distance was a little ambitious, all children managed to include a wind-up mechanism and they worked in their teams to measure, saw and glue their wood to make their frames. Well done Year 4!

LKS2 Rainforest Cafe and Gallery

This half term, lower key stage 2 have been learning all about rainforests as part of our IPC topic. The children have carried out various art and design technology projects which are available to view in the Victor Kitamirike Gallery. As part of our topic, the children also carried out independent research, looking at the location of rainforests, indigenous people and deforestation.

We have come to realise that deforestation is a major problem and we now recognise its effects on trees, plants, animals and our eco system as well as the lives of the people who live there. The Rainforest Alliance is an organisation which believes the best way to keep forests standing is to ensure that they make profitable businesses and communities to do so. That means helping farmers, forest managers and tourism businesses.

Therefore we organised a Rainforest Café and Gallery to raise funds to help those who live in rainforests all around the world to overcome poverty through the sustainable management and use of their natural resources. Our aim was to help people to be able to harvest fish, timber, honey, fruits, medicines and plants from their beautiful surroundings while being careful to protect the forest. The event was incredibly successful and we managed to raise £224 through the sale of buns, biscuits, truffles, smoothies and CDs.

Year 3 and 4 would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and relatives who attended the event and made it such a big success.

IMG_8384 IMG_8385 IMG_8388 IMG_8390 IMG_8396 IMG_8397 IMG_8401 IMG_8404 IMG_8405 IMG_8418 IMG_8420 IMG_8421Rainforest Cafe IMG_0152 IMG_0153 IMG_0154 IMG_0155 IMG_0156 IMG_0163 IMG_0168 IMG_0206 IMG_0213 IMG_0217 IMG_0220 IMG_0232 IMG_0234 IMG_0239 IMG_0245 IMG_0246 IMG_0248 IMG_0249


Rainforest Entry Point

To kick start our Rainforest topic in IPC the children in Year 3 and 4 have created their very own rainforest in the shared area! Children spent a week creating different animals from tissue paper, oil pastels and paints as well as creating trees and vines from cardboard.

A lot of staff and children from other year groups have commented on how effective it looks and how much effort the children from Lower Key Stage 2 have made.

Sports Day Results

As you are aware of, St. Johns’ annual Sports Day took place on Thursday 20th June – and what a day we had! We were very fortunate in KS2, for we managed to stay fairly dry throughout the afternoon. However, I have heard that KS1 were not so lucky. It rained so badly in the morning that the score sheets were sticking to the table! Despite this, Mr Knight, Mr Lupton, Miss Gibson and all of the other teachers decided to continue, so we must give them a HUGE thank you!

Four events took place during the day: Long Jump, Shotput, Sprints and Long runs. In the end, these were the overall results:

In fourth place was… the blue team! They had an extremely high score, but it just wasn’t enough this year!

In third place this year was… the red team! Despite being in the lead by over thirty points in the morning, yellow and green seemed to have clawed it back.

In second place we had… the yellow team! This was an outstanding effort from the yellow team – before the afternoon they were in last place, behind the reds by over 60 points! Unfortunately, those yellow ribbons still cannot be used. Come on yellows!

So, that means that the winner of the St. John’s Sport Day 2013 is the green team! This is my team and I’m really happy, but I would also like to congratulate anybody else who earned themselves a medal!

What did YOU think of Sports Day. Comment on this report and some of your opinions will be features in a future article.