Year 5’s trip to The Lowry

Last Tuesday, Year 5 went on a trip to the Lowry Gallery. We were all given looking logs, which are sketch books, to practise our sketches and new skills.

To start with we learnt how to do perspective drawings – we couldn’t believe how simple it was. We learnt how to add shadows to our drawings using cross hatching and how to draw animals with 4 legs. Once we had practised in our look books, we walked around the gallery and looked at some of Lowry’s landscape art. They were amazing and worth lots of money – one piece was worth £7,000,000!

We chose our favourite pieces and drew them in the gallery applying the new skills we had just learnt. We then went back to the studio and added detail to our sketches with a black pen and water to make certain features stand out.

After lunch, we looked at portraits Lowry drew of his family and himself. We looked in detail at one of his most famous self-portraits, Head of a Man, which scared a few of us because of the detail and the piercing red eyes. Our artist gave us 30 seconds to sketch what we could see to practise our skills – this was very difficult because we weren’t allowed to look down at our work as we were sketching. The end results were very funny! Like with the landscapes, we then went and chose our favourite portrait and sketched it thinking about facial proportions.

Our teachers were all very impressed with the work we produced and we all surprised ourselves by our skills! We had a brilliant day out and learnt lots of new techniques which we will apply to our artwork in school.

By Libby and Nikki

Art Gallery

The art gallery has had an update. Current work includes photography from year 6, painted fireworks from nursery, watercolours from year 2 and pencil work from year 5 and 4. Year 3 produced artwork as part of their family day visit to Cartwright Hall in Bradford.

Year 5 – Graffiti in School!

Last week, Cedar and Laurel did some graffiti with the artist Stephen Lamb (Lamby). First of all we discussed whether we thought graffiti was art or vandalism. It was really interesting to hear people’s different opinions. Some people thought it depended on where the graffiti was done and others thought it depended more on what was being drawn or written. After our discussion, we used the Ipads to research different types of graffiti – there are 7 types!

Lamby then took use out in groups and gave us our own blank canvas. He took us one at a time to spray our canvases in a colour of our choice to create the background to our artwork. Whilst we were waiting we looked through folders containing some of Lamby’s work and played Jenga. Once our backgrounds were spayed, we chose a stencil we would like to use and what colour spray paint we would spray it in – there were lots to choose from! Carefully, we placed the stencil over our background and sprayed over it which left a coloured print.

We all thought graffiti would be really easy but we were all surprised at how difficult it was! You have to have lots of creative ideas to be a graffiti artist. Lamby has his own job as a graffiti artist and he is very skilled which we think would take years to learn and perfect! All of Year 5 had a great time making our graffiti canvases and we are very proud of our work.
Some of our artwork will be selected to go on display around school so make sure you keep your eyes peeled! Below is a photograph of all of our masterpieces.

Thank you so much Lamby for using your time to teach us how to be graffiti artists!

Report written by Sienna and Charlotte

Year 3’s Art Gallery

This term Year 3 have been learning about David Hockney’s work. He uses lot of materials to make a perfect piece of art work. He drew lots of physical feature like flowers or leaves or maybe even a tree! He did not use dull colours; he used bright and bold colours to make it even better than boring dull colours. Everybody love doing Hockney work, especially me. Before we did the art work we collected lots of information so we knew what we were doing.
We were also inspired by Pablo Picasso and recreated his abstract portarits by sewing felt together. Please come and look at our amazing gallery when you are next in school!

By Edie Heward, Rowan

Year 3 Textiles

Over the past three weeks, Year 3 children have been creating Picasso inspired faces using felt. We started by looking at an array of portraits painted by Picasso and identifying the main features within his work. We recapped how to do running stitch and then learnt how to do cross stitch, blanket stitch and how to attach buttons onto felt.

Once we had designed our abstract faces we then made paper templates which allowed us to cut out our felt pieces accurately. When we were halfway through our project; we stopped to reflect on our work and see if there were any areas we could improve upon. It was a great opportunity to see all the exciting designs coming together!

Our colourful pieces of artwork look fantastic and we are excited that they will be displayed in the KS2 shared area- Picasso would be impressed!

Miss Gledhill