Year 3 Inspired by Art!

Today in IPC, Year 3 spent the morning composing their own pieces of music. They looked at a painting by Lowry called ‘A Riverbank’ and were asked to focus on one part of the painting.

In groups, they chose instruments, experimented with composition and completed a graphic notation.

After practicing, they performed their final piece to both year 3 classes. A blind vote was then carried out and the top 3 (Groups 2, 3 and 8) can be viewed below.

Year 3 have all been asked to comment on their favourite piece. This will add to the level they will achieve for Music in this IPC topic.

Please feel free to have a look and add your own comments too!

Click the video links below to watch. It will play in ‘Quicktime’.

Year 6 Art, Music and ICT

As part of this terms IPC topic, children in year 6 have been combining music composition, digital music and ICT to create music to match art work they had been looking at back in class. Some children created music using Dance eJay and others used instruments from our music room to create live music.

All of the finished videos looked fantastic, well done!