Gallery exhibition: “Where we Live”

The first exhibition to be shown in our new gallery area is to celebrate the area where we live. Each year group have thought about what they love about Bierley and Holmewood and responded by writing or creating art work. Here are the brochure pages for each class.

Industrial Revolution

In year 3 and 4 we have been learning about the Industrial Revolution. We are focusing on the Revolution linked to an IPC topic visual representations. Here are somethings that were not able before the Industrial Revolution:

  • The only ways to travel around Britain were on foot by horse or by boat it took 12 days to get from London to Edinburgh by road.
  • Also before the Revolution there were 40 million people in Britain but when they arrived it went down.
  • The next thing was popular but not very popular during the Revolution it was farming that was the most common job back in the olden days even people who had other jobs also did some farming to grow their own food.

Now is somethings that happened when the Industrial Revolution arrived:

  • Many canals were built and roads have been improved.
  • Then as I said earlier the population of people went down to 21 million people the Industrial Revolution made a lot of factory’s that polluted the air all the people in towns worked in factory’s even children had to work in factory’s.
  • A lot of people had to work in coal mines or iron works.
  • On the good side the Revolution made sure patients couldn’t feel the surgery they had done.

Now for the things after the Revolution:

  • Railways were built all over Britain to increase travel time it now takes 9 hours to get from London to Edinburgh.
  • The bad thing after the Revolution there were 11 million people in Britain  Most of the machines in the factory’s were run on steam power.

I hope you enjoyed these facts about the Industrial Revolution   

By reporter Jack

King Henry the 7th

Some of our literacy work about the Tudors.

Dear Diary

It is hard to believe that last year I was fighting for King Henry on Bosworth field I remember that day well, first of all I saw lots and lots of lance, armours and swords. I was very brave and I was desperate to kill Richard the 3rd. I could hear lots of shouting and people shouting “off with the head“ so I joined in with them. After that we started the war. I got tired but I thought i`ll let my team down. So I charged as fast as a cheetah and I luckily killed one of Richard the 3rd knights then I shouted in my head “Yes!“ and I carried on with the war.King Henry roared “Charge, Charge charge!!!“.We all charged with our horses and killed some of the Richard the 3rd knights. Suddenly, one of the knights made a cut on my cheek however I was brave and carried on fighting. After a while I saw Richard the 3rd so we all ran to him we took his armour off and stabbed him to death. “Hooray” they shouted.

Tudor Artifacts

Children from Key Stage 2 had the opportunity to explore a range of Tudor artifacts and some historic dance moves! Digital reports report will follow soon.