KS1 visit Poppies from the Tower of London

Report written by Miss Baxendale.
Last week the children in Key Stage One went to see the Tower of London Poppies at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Both the children and adults were very moved by the art instillation. Whilst observing the display, the children thought about what each poppy represented and talked about any feelings they were experiencing.
During Willow’s visit, they met a lady who was 102 years old. She spoke about her experiences of the war and was very complimentary of the behaviour of our children whilst they listened carefully to her.
Year 2 spent time sketching the poppies and wrote words around their drawings to describe how they were feeling. The children were very respectful and clearly have a very good understanding of the importance of remembering and paying respect to those who fought for their country.
During the afternoon each class went on a long walk around the extensive grounds of the Sculpture Park, searching for wildlife and talking about how the woodland comes to life at night. This was a wonderful trip and the children certainly gained a lot from it!

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Year 3 Visit Armley Mills

On the 12th and 13th of November we went to Armley Mills dressed
as Victorians. We went into a Victorian classroom and had to call the teacher ma’am. We had to put our hands behind our back. We had a half hour lunch then we had a tour around the mill. We had lots of different jobs such as overseers, scavenger and piecers. As real Victorian children you had to be quick about your job. If  you weren’t quick enough you would either not get paid or lose your job! If  you were a scavenger, you had sixty seconds , to get under the machine or you may get hit with the machine and die. After that we went to look at a rich and poor house. A while later we had a twenty minute drive back to school.

Written by Laura and Brooke

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Year 4 Romans

This week, Year 4 went on a trip to Murton Park in York and learnt about how Roman soldiers fought thousands of years ago. We dressed up, made oil lamps from clay, wrote in Latin and practised using Roman weapons. We used spears and shields. We had to throw javelins at a target and go and collect them. We also used wooden swords. We had to bang our shield against a bean bag and stab it with the sword. Then we had to pull it back out and hit it with the shield again. Whilst we were doing this, the men that were teaching us pointed out that an invader had arrived. We grabbed our shields and spears and we closed the gate. We didn’t want to let him in. He kept jumping on the gate and pulling faces at us. He was a Celt.
By Reuben and Katie .

Year 3 – Victorian day

This week, year 3 visited a Victorian museum in Leeds to experience what it was like in the Victorian times. The main reason we went on this trip is because we have started a brand new topic all about inventions and machines! Our behaviour was perfect because we knew if we behave naughty we would get slapped really hard on the hand by the cane (not for real!)

Things that we did.

At first we did maths which isn’t just calculating but we learnt all about the time as well! We slowly kept looking at the answers on the answer board and then the teacher rubbed all the answers out and we had to answer them! We also got given a ”copy book” which is basically a handwriting book but instead of using a normal pencil we used a special pen called a dip pen! The dip pen is also a bit horrible to use because the ink gets all over your hands!


1. Do not  talk unless the teacher asks you to.

2.You have to say yes maam or yes sir

3.If you are answering a question you have to stand up behind your desk.

How we felt.

It was a very exiting day for year 3. We had lots of fun experiencing what it was like in the Victorian times. We are all very lucky that we are in our schools right now. We learnt how hard it was for Victorian children: EXTREMELY HARD.

Reporter Charlie, Year 3.

Year 3 Photos