Year 5 travel to Egypt!

Year 5 have started learning about Ancient Egypt and investigating the question, ‘Should we dig up the past?’ So far they have been learning about why the Egyptians built pyramids and what might’ve been found inside them. They have been using this website to explore pyramids in more detail.

The children have been very keen to find out more about Ancient Egypt at home. We can’t wait to learn more and hear about what they have found out through independent research.

Google Expeditions

Key stage 2 classes have been visited by the Google Expeditions team. Each class had thirty minutes to explore various locations as part of their topic work. Some classes went to the moon and others went deep into the Ocean. Each ‘tour’ was led by class teachers and children had the opportunity to look around the location using the virtual reality headsets (Google Cardboard) to found out more information. Although the visit was a one-off, the virtual expeditions have complimented the work done in history, geography and science.

Year 3 Victorian School day

Reported by Harrriet
Y3 Poplar

Our trip to the Victorian Classroom

Year 3 have been to a Victorian Classroom. We learnt that the Victorians were very strict and mean to their children/pupils. Luckily, no one had nits (if you were in Victorian times you wouldn’t be very impressed with the teacher because your child’s hair would be shaved and painted purple!) The person in charge of us was called Mr Ibbotson but when we were in the classroom we had to call him Master. A lot of people were very nervous, but it actually wasn’t that bad. We enjoyed our trip and it would be great if we could go again!

Y4 Romans at Murton Park

By Hannah and Caitlin – Hawthorn

On Monday and Tuesday Year 4 went to Murton Park to be Roman soldiers. On our trip we did many fun activities such as javelin and dueling. We learnt that the Romans spoke a Latin language and the Celts, their worst enemy, spoke Welsh. We also learned that to be a citizen in the Roman army you’d have to fight in their army for 25 years, if you survived of course! The whole of Year 4 made an oil lamp because in Roman times they didn’t have electricity. We fought against one of the Celts but because they were so scared they just ran away. We had to wear a Roman uniform which included a helmet, a spear, a shield and the red dress with a rope tied around it. Everybody in Year 4 were split into 4 groups. Each of the 4 groups had their own barracks. The barracks were where you would sleep and eat. You would sleep on old, dusty bunk beds. All of us got a certificate and a special Roman coin.

Year 4 – Viking family day

Report written by Daniel and Brooke

Viking family day – home challenge

On our family day we had a visitor with us. She was called Sam. First we had our parents to come find us. Then we had to sit at a table with our parents or with our teacher, Miss Sales or Miss Edgar. Sam shared with us her weaving wheel and she let us have a go.

She showed us a pattern that she had drawn. We had to get a weaving board and then a plastic needle. The children needed to go get two different colours of wool. Sam started off by showing us how to begin.

First we started by going up and down round the corners of the board. Secondly, we used our second piece of wool and we went under the bottom piece of wool and then over. Then we needed to get a pattern if you wanted or do a Viking alphabet and make your own name.

Miss Edgar and Miss Sales gave us a home challenge. There were two challenges the first one was a 60 question quiz. The second one was to make your own Viking boat. It was really hard to choose a winner but they finally found one. 1st place was Ella; Ellis and Leon were awarded runner up. The winner of the Quiz was Rueban. We had a very exciting day and it was also fun to complete passport tests alongside our parents!