Year 3 trip to Pizza Express

To begin our term, Year three have been looking at whether pizza can be healthy or not. To help us to answer this question year three visited Pizza Express at Birstall and Clarence Dock. We had a fabulous time finding out about some pizza toppings and where they grow. We got to wear an apron and a hat and be real Pizziole. We enjoyed creating our pizza base and adding cheese and tomato.

Some of the children said that their favourite part was eating the pizza, others loved seeing the chef at the restaurant throw a pizza base into the air to make it bigger.

The Star Museum

Last Thursday, Laurel and Cedar went on a school trip to the Star Centre in Keighley.

It was a long journey but it was all worth it. First of all, we went into the briefing room where we learnt a bit more about space in general. Julie, who was the lady that taught, told us a lot about the Milky Way, the galaxy and the 8 planets in our solar system. We then went into a Cosmodome to learn about the constellation of stars and what their names are. After the Cosmodome, we went back into the briefing room and talked a bit more about what we had learnt.

After, we went to space in a rocket ship! When we got to the moon, we split into 2 groups. One group operated a Lunar rover on a track and controlled robot arms to pick up small objects. The other group got into space suits and went exploring on the moon to find and collect aliens.

The last thing we did was go into a room where there were lots of computers; we played games on them which were all about space. We also tracked Tim Peake, the British astronaut, to find out where in space he was. We found out that it takes him half an hour to orbit the Earth; this means he orbits the Earth 16 times in 1 day!

We had an amazing time; it was the best space trip we could’ve gone on.

Reported by Tyla and Charlotte (Year 5)

Year 4 Trip to Cliffe Castle

Report written by Rueban Y4

On Thursday 21st April, Ash Class set off to Cliffe Castle. It took us 30 minutes.On the way there we sang to the songs on the radio. When we arrived at Cliffe Castle we made our way to the classroom completed 3 different activities. One of the activities was fossil hunting in a pit of dirt.In the next activity we sorted rocks into igneous,metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. One of the rocks was called mudstone, another slate and another marble. The last activity was sorting products with the right stone. Did you know that marble is used in toothpaste? I know it sounds disgusting but it still keeps your teeth clean doesn’t it?! After we learnt about rocks, we went to look around the rock gallery. As we walked around the gallery we sketched a picture of a rock. My favourite was the rose quartz. On the sheet we completed, there were four lines where we answered questions about our rocks. In our groups we looked around the museum. We could hear birds tweeting and had the chance to look at different types of stuffed animals from around the world. As it was a beautiful day Miss Edgar let us have a quick play in the park. At the park we made a train on the slide and had fun on the roundabout. The trip back was quiet as we were all super tired! We had an amazing time at Cliffe Castle! We hope to go back again!

Rueban Y4

Year 4 Trip to Harlow Carr Gardens

Yesterday year 4 went to Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate as part of our Pollination and Environment topic.

We had the oppotunity to explore the gardens which were beautiful and we were able to do some sketching towards our art unit.

We also completed a workshop about pollination in which we learnt about the different parts of a flower. We were then able to go out into the gardens and look for these parts. We also spotted wasps pollinating!

We had a fantastic day and learnt a lot!

Year 3 visit RHS Harlow Carr, Harrogate

The whole of year 3 went to Harlow Carr. Miss Lang’s group saw a flower named Elizabeth. We couldn’t really see many flowers because of all the snow! We did see a sycamore tree. On tree was really prickly because it has lots of spikes on it. We saw a tree from China! There was a victorian garden which we went in which had a really rusty lawn mower. After that, we saw a garden which looked like a maze and it had a conservatory in it!

by Charlie (Poplar)


When we went inside we made a helicopter seed out of paper. We tested our helicopter seed by throwing it off the balcony. Mine would grow because it landed in soil, if it had gone on the other side it would have landed on the path! We needed to think about what seeds are called. We saw the biggest seed in the world called an ‘elephant’s bottom’!!

by Derry-Joe (Poplar)