Lego Maths Club – LKS2

Bright and early – 8 am on Tuesday mornings a group of keen year 3 and 4 children make their way into school for Lego maths! We start with tea and toast and swiftly start the week’s Lego challenge. This half term all of the challenges have been themed around fairgrounds. At the same time we are talking about the maths of Lego – the number of bricks, sizes and dimensions etc.. We are also getting really good at following the building instructions and working in small teams.

Well done so far, I wonder what we will be making next?



Nursery go shopping at ASDA

Nursery had lots of fun on a recent visit to ASDA. On the walk there they were set the challenge of hunting for lot’s of numbers and shapes. They were very good at this and we soon discovered shapes and numbers are everywhere!

At ASDA we ordered our own pizza and watched the pizzas been made. We had to read our shopping lists to make sure we got the right toppings on our pizzas. Before we set off back to school we paid for our pizza at the checkout and packed it in a bag so we could carefully carry it back to Nursery.

Back at school we cooked the pizzas and talked about the changes that happened to the pizza throughout the cooking process. Finally we got to taste the different toppings on the pizza. They were yummy!

Year 3 Maths in the Oasis

It may be the end of the year but we have still been working hard! Year 3 have had their last few maths lessons of the year outside in the new Oasis area. Children were given 20 challenges which were based around different areas of the Oasis. They worked in their investigation teams to solve all of the challenges which were based around area, shape and size.

All of the adults were impressed with how well groups applied their knowledge of the mental and written methods (multiplying, dividing, adding and subtraction) to solve the challenges – some of which were pretty hard!

Well done year 3, we hope you enjoyed this investigation.

Mr Burton