Grace’s Race!

Grace in Year 2 took part in the Bradford City Run during the half term and although it was challenging, she really enjoyed it.

Grace was running for the Air Ambulance because it was the charity which her Gran loved to support.

Well done Grace!

Year 5 visit Love Bread

Report written by William and Caitlin (Year 5)

On Tuesday and Wednesday Laurel and Cedar went to Love Bread in Brighouse to learn how to make bread. When we arrived, we were greeted by Carol and Millie who were going to teach us how to make bread. First of all, we needed to find a partner and then we got a bowl of flour. We had to put flour, yeast and salt in the bowl – the yeast smelt very funny! After that, we had to put warm water in to make the yeast active. We mixed it altogether and when the water had soaked in we put our hands in to make the mixture into dough.

When it formed the dough, we took it out of the bowl and we put it down on the table. We kneaded the bread by holding and pushing the dough towards our partner. Once the dough was ready we had to fold it and make it look like an onion before putting it back into the bowl to rise for an hour.

When we looked at bread it had grown! We tipped it back onto the table and started to make ‘Breadgehogs’. We made a V shape with our hands and put this around the dough to make its nose. We then put sultanas in for eyes and snipped the dough with scissors to make spikes. It was then put in the oven to bake.

While we were waiting for our break to bake we designed our own packaging for our bread. We all really enjoyed the trip and thought our bread was delicious!

Year 5 visit Harden Beck

Report written by Caitlin and Molly (Cedar)

Last week, Year 5 went on a trip to Harden Beck. Cedar went on Monday and Laurel went on Wednesday. We did lots of activities such as: leaf races, mini beast hunting, measuring the length and depth of the river and observational drawings. We got to see a beautiful waterfall and its features. The water was so powerful that it created a breeze and the spray coming off it made us a bit wet!

After the activities, we had to cross a bridge to get to a field where we ate our lunch. Whilst eating our lunch we found a baby frog on grass! Carefully, we picked it up and put it back in the water. Once we had eaten out lunch we had to climb up a huge grassy hill which was very tiring! When then had to go down a rocky and slippery slope that led to a farm. From there on, it was a regular footpath which led to the minibuses.

We would recommend Harden Beck and we’d definitely go back there. Our favourite part was when we were able to get into the river to measure its length and depth. If you like wildlife and walking you will love it.

Year 3 trip to Pizza Express

To begin our term, Year three have been looking at whether pizza can be healthy or not. To help us to answer this question year three visited Pizza Express at Birstall and Clarence Dock. We had a fabulous time finding out about some pizza toppings and where they grow. We got to wear an apron and a hat and be real Pizziole. We enjoyed creating our pizza base and adding cheese and tomato.

Some of the children said that their favourite part was eating the pizza, others loved seeing the chef at the restaurant throw a pizza base into the air to make it bigger.