Year 3 and the Dragon Slayer

In literacy this half term we watched a silent film called The Dragon Slayer. For our assessed piece of writing we wrote our own words to go with the story. Some of the year 3 children then recorded each other or themselves reading their story.

We hope you enjoy listening.

Miss Stitch and Miss Edgar

KS2 German Club Christmas Carol

German club have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week by learning and performing the song ‘Silent Night’ in German.

We hope you enjoy listening and feel free to join in 🙂

Miss Gledhill and Miss Stitch are very impressed with the children for picking the song up so quickly

Yr 3 gymnastics

This half term during our indoor PE gymnastics, we have been looking at rolls and balances. Here are a few groups who worked well to put a short routine together.


Sports Hall Athletics

Tuesday the 18th of October saw St John’s compete in the annual Year 4 Sports hall athletics at Tong High School. Ten children from year 4 made up the team, 5 girls and 5 boys. The children took part in a range of track and field events, including running, jumping and throwing. Each event gave the children the opportunity to achieve points for their school. After a thoroughly enjoyable evening of athletics the results were announced. St John’s were crowned champions with a total of 121 points; a fantastic total! The children should be very proud of what they managed to achieve against 6 other very competitive primary schools.