Year 5 visit Love Bread

As part of their Design Technology unit, Year 5 visited Love Bread in Brighouse last week. Here the children got hands on experience of bread making. They weighed, mixed, kneaded, shaped and baked their own bread. The group leaders at Love Bread commented on how well behaved both classes were during their visit making Miss Shaw and Miss Goldthorp very proud. Well done Year 5!

Minecraft Maths in Year 2

Last week Year 2 were given a challenge in Maths to design a Minecraft village. First of all, children drew their designs on squared paper making sure each type of ‘block’ was the same length and height. When they had completed their plans they began to create their village by drawing different sized nets, cutting them out and then carefully gluing them together to make different 3D shapes. Once they had made their blocks they had to work as a team to put their village together. Miss Baxendale and Miss Shaw were incredibly impressed by the teamwork and resilience all children showed throughout the challenge. Well done year 2!

Beech’s Observational Drawings

After researching about the artist Henry Moore, Beech did some observational drawings of one of his sculptures.

Before they began their drawings we discussed what we thought the sculpture was of and what his inspiration might have been. Many children thought Moore’s inspiration came from the human body as the sculpture reminded them of a head and shoulders and a hip joint. The children were all very surprised to discover the title of the sculpture was ‘Sheep Piece’!

All of the children were given their own ‘Observational Art Book’ and a special drawing pencil to use for their drawing. They learnt how to sketch correctly by pressing lightly and how to ‘stroke’ the paper with their pencil to create the curves of the sculpture. We played classical music to help us relax and concentrate on our artwork.

Miss Shaw was very impressed with the all sketches created and how well the children paid attention to the shape of the sculpture.

KS1 have an Easter arrival!

In Key Stage 1 we had some eggs but they left early yesterday morning.

When the eggs started to hatch we saw a little peach beak and yellow soft wings. When they started to hatch we started to guess what animal was in the eggs. I thought it was an ostrich egg but some children thought they were goose eggs. As they grew we saw they had webbed feet and were ducklings! When they got bigger we made them a pen out of the building-blocks in the shared area. When we got a closer look they got frightened and they kept hiding under a little shelter. When the chicks were 5 days old we got to pick them up. They felt really soft and cuddly. It felt brilliant! We all felt really sad when they left yesterday morning because we enjoyed seeing them every morning and hearing them cheap.

Written by Keira

(Year 2, Beech)

Year 3 and 4 Cycle Helmet Competition

After the success of the Tour de St John’s, Lower Key Stage Two have decided to celebrate the Tour de France further by having a competition to design their own bicycle helmet.

Children in year 3 and 4 are invited to design their own helmet which should be themed around the Tour de France arriving in Yorkshire.

All entries should be handed to class teachers by Friday 2nd May and have the child’s full name on along with the name of their class.

Designs will be judged over the weekend and prizes, courtesy of​, will be awarded for the best design in each year group.

We can’t wait to see your entries!

Miss Shaw

Helmet Design Template.doc