Digital Lego – Key Stage 1 ICT

This term, children in Year 1 and Year 2 are learning about how computers can be used to simulate real life, to test things before making them and to design things.

We have been using a Lego simulation program to create Lego constructions. We talked about how sometimes ICT can make things a little harder (we could build Lego much quicker in real life) but it did mean we had some good design ideas first!

Key Stage 1 Celebrations – IPC

This terms IPC topic in Year 1 and 2 is celebrations. As part of their entry point, children have been working to create a Chinese Dragon.

Hello these are our photos of the Chinese dragon. We have decorated it and we hope you like  it.we have been very very busy on our Chinese  dragon, that we decorated it with loads  of materials . we really liked our Chinese dragon that we want to see it again another day. We put the Chinese dragon together, and we asked some people if they could go under the ,Chinese dragon and they did. they took the Chinese dragon around the school! People was amazed that the Chinese dragon was around!

thank you from reporter Charlie and assistant reporter Katie

A science day in year 2

At year 2 we had a science day! We discovered the human body and some materials including some felt and many other stuff and. We put  all of  them in water to see if they are absorbed or were waterproof! We had lots and lots and lots of fun on science day! We thought that we would do all of it again some day! We really do want to do it again! Everybody is really proud of themselves because they did it all right!



thankyou  from reporter Charlie and assistant reporter Katie

Yr2 – What we do at Christmas at St Johns

We make snow men and we make christmas decaraitions like christmas trees! Christmas decarations like borbells!

We are so suprised that it’s nearly christmas and so we are making loads of Chritmas decerations. We have been building Christmas trees and borbells and everything else. Now we would like to show you them!


Reporter Charlie and assistant reporter Katie