KS1 Superhero Sports Day

Written by Poppy and Zac.
Friday 15 of April was our super hero sports day for our topic Fighting Fit. Everyone came in sports clothes or football kits and we paid £1 for charity. Some of the sports we did were football, running, netball, indoor-bowling and hockey! My favourite was Lindy Hop (Zac). My favourite was yoga (Poppy). After we had lunch we had a prize for the sportsman and sportswoman of the day. Jack and Amelia where the winners! We finished by turning ourselves into Superheroes using face paint and making capes. We all had a fantastic day!

Year 5 are authors!

Report written by Holly, Sienna, Alesha and Callum

Welcome to our report. We hope you enjoy your time with us. We read to year two this morning, sharing the true story of the three little pigs. The year two children listened really well and it was a pleasure for us to read with them. We hope we read with them again.

About Our Story

The Three Little Pigs is a story based on a fairy tale about a wolf and three little pigs. In the story of the Three Little Pigs there is a wolf that blows their houses and they get burnt. But, in our version, there is a twist. The story is about a wolf and the three little pigs but in our version the wolf is innocent. He didn’t blow the house up but sneezed an almighty sneeze. And he doesn’t die but gets locked up by the cops because he was caught trying to break into the brick house. Without hesitation, he was locked up.

Year Two’s Reaction

One of the Year Two boys said that he really likes our true story. The year 2 children liked the part when the pig said, “Go away I am brushing the hairs off my chinny chin chin.”

Reception in the snow

Reception took advantage of the snowy weather to get kitted out in their waterproofs and go sledging. For some of us it was our first time sledging and we found it tricky to get on the sledge!

We also managed to use the iPad and take some photos of our friends as well as Miss Gill and Miss Dolecki having a sledging race down the hill. Miss Dolecki won! We had lots of fun and a fantastic time.