Happy Birthday ERII!

Report written by Ryan – Year 2

Today we had a special dinner to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. We had fish and chips and jelly and ice cream. It was delicious! The dinner ladies decorated the dinner hall and the queen came to have lunch with us too! We had the chips and fish in a tray and we had some newspaper with a picture of the Queen on it. The dinner was really nice and I ate all of it!

Happy Birthday Your Majesty.

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Year 2 meet Ron and Pat

Year 2 have been pen friends with Ron and Pat for nearly two years now.  Finally, they were able to meet them yesterday!

Have a look at their writing and photographs of their visit.  I think they were even more excited to meet them than when they met Father Christmas!

Ron and Pat

Trying new meals in Year 1

Report written by Miss Corbett

We had a very exciting morning in Year One today. All of the grown-ups brought in a meal for us to try. We are reading a book called Grow your Own which is all about a boy called Sidney. He lives in a city and has never tried vegetables, but when he goes to stay with his grandma, he grows and tries lots of fruit and vegetables. We tried red, juicy strawberries, sweet honey-roasted carrots, smooth, rhubarb yoghurt, gloopy runner bean stew and cheesy pasta bake. We worked hard making a list of words to describe each food. Here are some of our favourites:

– – Kevin: The strawberries were so juicy. I got rosy cheeks like Sidney!

– – Carys: The rhubarb yoghurt because it was so sweet.

– – Daisy-Mae: The broccoli pasta bake was so cheesy and delicious.

– – Lucy: The runner bean stew was delicious because of the crunchy beans!

Not all of us liked everything, but we all gave it a try and often surprised ourselves!