Green Belt gallery opening

Every year group is preparing a piece of work for our school gallery. The theme is: Holmewood, Bierley and the Green Belt . Only the best pieces of work in each year group get to go on display in the gallery. Everybody is trying very hard to get their work on display and every year group is doing something different. Year 3 are doing  newspaper reports, Year 4 are doing art, Year 5 are doing scetches and Year 6 are doing photography.  It is going to be a wonderful day when all the best pieces of work  get put up. Although this sounds easy, it is very challenging to be the best and the neatest. The spectacular gallery will be put in the outside the Sanctuary and it will be amazing.

By Reporters Aimee and Cerys 



Soon it will be the middle of 2013! The time has gone so fast. It’s nearly the end of when we leave to a different year! Sadly we will have to say goodbye again to the year 6 of 2013. We will have new teachers and year 5 will become the head of the school.We will have a new head girl and head boy. Year 2 will become year 3 and will be in KS2 and we will meet new people in our nature groups. We might even have new nature group leaders.

We will miss you year 6. We hope you have a good time at your new school when you leave us here at St.Johns. We will miss all the teachers that leave but we will all have a good time in our new classes with our new teachers.

By Reporter Aimee


It’s the holidays! We will all miss school but we will be having lots of fun. Everybody try to stay safe. We all miss each other we will see each other when we come back to school. You still need to practice your homework like spellings for year three. I hope everybody is having a fab holiday. Be good and be here on time for school when you come back. I can’t wait to see you all again.

Happy holidays! See you all soon!

By Reporter Aimee

Year 3 legend

Year 3 have been writing their own legends. It was very hard but really enjoyable. Hopefully we all did our best!

It was about a hero/knight/prince and a dragon who fights! After we were sure that it was perfect, we typed it up onto the laptops! The teachers are going to make a display to show our word processed work which will be nice.

When we finished the legend, Miss Lang and Miss Shaw told the people that had done to draw a hero or the dragon. It was a busy day.

By Reporter Aimee

Sporting Heros for this half term!

Today in assembly, one child from each class were awarded a sporting hero certificate! From year 3 were Zaina and Kaci. The teachers and emerge must have had a very hard job to decide. When you get the sporting hero award you get a badge and a certificate. Everyone was hoping to get the sporting hero badge but you have to really stand out  in P.E for a whole half-term. If you do get the sporting hero badge, remember try not to show off because you might lose your friends!

Well done everybody for being outstanding in P.E in the start of this half-term and the last one too!

By Digital Reporter Aimee