Year 4 Trip to Cliffe Castle

Report written by Rueban Y4

On Thursday 21st April, Ash Class set off to Cliffe Castle. It took us 30 minutes.On the way there we sang to the songs on the radio. When we arrived at Cliffe Castle we made our way to the classroom completed 3 different activities. One of the activities was fossil hunting in a pit of dirt.In the next activity we sorted rocks into igneous,metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. One of the rocks was called mudstone, another slate and another marble. The last activity was sorting products with the right stone. Did you know that marble is used in toothpaste? I know it sounds disgusting but it still keeps your teeth clean doesn’t it?! After we learnt about rocks, we went to look around the rock gallery. As we walked around the gallery we sketched a picture of a rock. My favourite was the rose quartz. On the sheet we completed, there were four lines where we answered questions about our rocks. In our groups we looked around the museum. We could hear birds tweeting and had the chance to look at different types of stuffed animals from around the world. As it was a beautiful day Miss Edgar let us have a quick play in the park. At the park we made a train on the slide and had fun on the roundabout. The trip back was quiet as we were all super tired! We had an amazing time at Cliffe Castle! We hope to go back again!

Rueban Y4

Year 3 Victorian School day

Reported by Harrriet
Y3 Poplar

Our trip to the Victorian Classroom

Year 3 have been to a Victorian Classroom. We learnt that the Victorians were very strict and mean to their children/pupils. Luckily, no one had nits (if you were in Victorian times you wouldn’t be very impressed with the teacher because your child’s hair would be shaved and painted purple!) The person in charge of us was called Mr Ibbotson but when we were in the classroom we had to call him Master. A lot of people were very nervous, but it actually wasn’t that bad. We enjoyed our trip and it would be great if we could go again!

Year 3’s Art Gallery

This term Year 3 have been learning about David Hockney’s work. He uses lot of materials to make a perfect piece of art work. He drew lots of physical feature like flowers or leaves or maybe even a tree! He did not use dull colours; he used bright and bold colours to make it even better than boring dull colours. Everybody love doing Hockney work, especially me. Before we did the art work we collected lots of information so we knew what we were doing.
We were also inspired by Pablo Picasso and recreated his abstract portarits by sewing felt together. Please come and look at our amazing gallery when you are next in school!

By Edie Heward, Rowan

Year 3 Textiles

Over the past three weeks, Year 3 children have been creating Picasso inspired faces using felt. We started by looking at an array of portraits painted by Picasso and identifying the main features within his work. We recapped how to do running stitch and then learnt how to do cross stitch, blanket stitch and how to attach buttons onto felt.

Once we had designed our abstract faces we then made paper templates which allowed us to cut out our felt pieces accurately. When we were halfway through our project; we stopped to reflect on our work and see if there were any areas we could improve upon. It was a great opportunity to see all the exciting designs coming together!

Our colourful pieces of artwork look fantastic and we are excited that they will be displayed in the KS2 shared area- Picasso would be impressed!

Miss Gledhill